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Herbal blends

Our herbal blends are compiled from Amazonian and European blends in optimal ratio.

Peruvian herbs contain large quantity of alkaloids, vitamins, minerals as well as other important substances helpful for regeneration and convalescence of a human body. These are able to penetrate deep inside body cells of every sick organ or a body part, remove the ill cells or strengthen and heal. Peruvian herbs have been used for thousands of years. Their exceptional power contributes to enhancing quality of life in a natural way.

There is a good reason for mixing Amazonian and European herbs in each blend. They are mutually supportive and the final result is thus enhanced. South American herbs grow in pure places far from civilization. The environment is clean and healthy. Therefore the substances contained in them are very strong. However, in order to make these well utilisable for people who have lived in Europe for generations, it is wise to add an information field of plants growing locally. This combination allows our body to take full advantage of all the active agents.